Mediterranean diet, what is good to eat?

The Mediterranean diet is a lifestyle typical of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, whose positive impact on health has been confirmed by many years of study.

This dietary style is recognized by UNESCO as an oral and intangible heritage of humanity and is essentially based on a wide consumption of products of vegetable origin, including cereals (from which pasta is produced), legumes, fruit, vegetables and extra-virgin olive oil, produced in large quantities in our peninsula. Less, instead, the consumption of products of animal origin, such as meat and fish and dairy products.

The positive effects on health derive precisely from this high consumption of products of natural origin: they contain several fundamental components for the prevention of diseases, as well as being low-calorie and rich in fiber.

The Mediterranean diet is graphically represented by a pyramid. At the base of the pyramid there are all those elements that should be consumed almost daily as a main meal: fruit, vegetables, pasta, bread and cereals – all products of natural origin. At the top, instead, there are all those products that should be eaten in moderation, less frequently and in small quantities, such as desserts, cold cuts and red meat. In between are all those products that are important for the needs of all of us, but whose consumption must be regulated: for example, did you know that the Mediterranean diet suggests the daily consumption of three tablespoons of raw extra-virgin olive oil? And that it would be recommended to eat small amounts of nuts every day? Weekly, instead, about two portions of poultry and two portions of fish should be eaten.

For Italian people it has always been easy to follow these precepts, since our cuisine tends to enhance the products of our territory, especially oil, fruit and vegetables. Also in our restaurant we pay a lot of attentio

n to the balance of all the ingredients, with which we faithfully reproduce the typical dishes of the Mediterranean diet and the whole Italian tradition.

Our menu is in fact rich in proposals: there are many varieties of pasta and pizza (carbohydrates should be the major part of our diet), seasoned with fresh and natural elements, as well as various meat and fish dishes.